November 21, 2018

Malaysians have thefourth most powerful passport in the world, just behind Singapore, Sweden and Germany. That means we can travel visa-free to 154 countries in the world.

It’s no surprise that Malaysians nationwide have taken advantage of this to explore countries near and far, bringing our love of food and our multi-cultural spirit with us everywhere we go.

If you are of the many Malaysians bitten by the travel bug, you will know how important it is to bring the right travel accessories with you when you take a vacation or go on a new adventure.

Having the right accessories, like a whistle, alarm or flashlight, with you can literally save your life!

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best travel accessories to have with you when you travel outside Malaysia.

Regardless of if you’re going on a solo trip, a family trip with kids, a business trip - we’ve got you covered!

Which are the must-have accessories for your next trip?

We’ve arranged them by the type of traveler you are. So simply click on the one that best describes you and let’s take a look at the best accessories you can equip yourself with!

Backpacker - Best Travel Accessories

Solo Travelers - Best Travel Accessories

Business Traveler - Best Travel Accessories

Traveling with Infants and Toddlers - Best Travel Accessories

Light Traveler - Best Travel Accessories

Where to Buy Your Travel Accessories Online in Malaysia

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Planned a Backpacking Trip? Don’t Leave these Travel Accessories at Home!

Backpacking has always been a popular way for people with limited budgets and adventurous hearts to travel the world.

It’s an affordable travel style for college students in their gap year or for young adolescents who want to take a round-the-world trip before they step into the working life.

Not only is backpacking an affordable way to explore the world, but it also opens you up to opportunities to meet new people on the road and learn to focus on a less materialistic lifestyle.

Nevertheless, for the many benefits that backpacking provides travelers, this travel style comes with its risks. As you are literally living off things inside your backpack, you need to be sure you have everything you need.

This is especially true if you are delving into environments with different terrains and weather conditions.

If you have a backpacking trip planned, be sure you have these accessories with you before you take off:

Hidden Money Pouch

Getting your money stolen when you are traveling alone can get pretty inconvenient. 

Safely store your money and valuables away from ill-intentioned strangers on the road with this slim and breathable money belt.

RM17 from TeliteTravel

Foldable Hanging Toiletry Bag

Staying organized can get tough when you are on the road. When you are constantly packing and unpacking you want to make sure you don't leave anything behind when you move on to your next location.

Keep your toiletries in one place with this toiletry bag. Best of all, you'll be able to hang this anywhere you go. You won't even need a table!

RM27 from TeliteTravel

Retractable and Portable Clothes Hanger

Backpacking often means bringing only a few sets of clothes you'll need to wash along the way. If you're not ready to pay for laundry services or won't be near any on your trip, be sure to pack this clothes hanger to spread your clothes out to dry.

The best feature of this clothes hanger is that you can retract it to save space in your bag when you're not using it.

RM2.50 from TeliteTravel

Lightweight Toothbrush Holder

Oral hygiene is important for day-to-day activities and even more important when you are backpacking.

Instead of stuffing it in your toiletry bag, you can keep your toothbrush and toothpaste clean in their own holder.

This lightweight one is nicely designed to easily fit into your bag and won't add much weight to your bag.

RM16 from TeliteTravel

Disposable Toilet Seat Cover

Finding clean toilets can be a challenge when you are on the road. Using dirty toilets can mean contracting diseases unexpectedly, making your trip harder than it should be.

To prevent contracting toilet-born diseases, be sure to pack a couple of these disposable toilet seat covers in your bag!

There are 10 pieces in every pack so make sure to get enough for the length of your trip!

RM8 form TeliteTravel

Travel Soapbox

The humble soap can often feel like a luxury item when you are on the road. Be sure to keep your soap clean and safe in a travel soap box so you can turn back to it everytime you take a shower or clean yourself.

This travel soapbox is just light and small enough to keep your soap in a happy home without adding too much weight to your bag.

RM8 from TeliteTravel

AC USB Universal Adapter

Backpacking often means exploring more than one country at once. This means you'll be going to places where your power outlet may not be the same as the one in your home country.

To be sure you'll be able to keep the power on all your devices up, pack this universal adapter with you. It is compatible with most power outlets (US/UK/EU/AU standard plugs) and is completely safe to use!

Best of all, it comes with four USB ports, which means you can charge four of your devices at once!

RM45 from TeliteTravel

Power Bank

When backpacking, you may encounter situations where you won't be able to access a power outlet to charge your devices.

That's why it's always good to have at least one power bank in your bag so you never end up with a dead phone.

This Xiaomi 10,000mAh power bank is just small enough to not take up too much space in your bag but powerful enough to push you through 2 full charges on your phone - just enough to get you to the next charging station!

RM68 from TeliteTravel

Paper Soap

Keeping yourself clean on the road can be tough. If bringing soap bars with you feels too bulky, paper soaps can be a better alternative for you.

All you have to do is take a piece, add water and voila!

RM8 from TeliteTravel

Collapsible Food Bowl

Keeping to a budget can be important for most backpackers. So instead of eating out for all your meals, you may want to make your own food and bring it along with you on your adventures.

But instead of bringing bulky bowls with you to eat your food from, bring this collapsible bowl you that you can flatten down to save space!

RM32 from TeliteTravel

Swiss Army Knife

As a backpacker, you need to be pretty much self-sufficient. That's why we recommend packing a quality Swiss Amry Knife with you.

It has all the basic tools you'll need to open a bottle, cut open a bag and much more! 

RM71.10 from Lazada

Mini Sewing Kit

Getting your pants, clothes or bag ripped may not be something you expect, but it may happen. If you're already on a budget, you don't want to have to spend money bringing it to someone to help you fix it.

Fix it yourself by bringing a mini sewing kit with you and save money!

RM10 from Lazada


For backpackers who have some night or early morning adventures planned, a headlamp will definitely come in handy to help you navigate your way in the dark.

Get this sturdy multi-functional headlamp with a rechargeable battery to keep you going for days, weeks or months!

RM34.50 from Lazada

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Going for a Solo Trip? Bring These Travel Accessories!

Solo traveling can be one of the most thrilling experiences for people who are used to traveling in the company of their family and friends.

When you are all by yourself, you start doing things you never thought you would do: talk to strangers, have a meal with someone you met on the road, or even embark on a scary adventure!

Though there are a lot of benefits of solo traveling, it can also be slightly more challenging since if something bad happens, you won’t have the usual backup of your family and friends.

This is why it becomes very important for you to ensure that you have everything with you to keep you safe, healthy and comfortable during the trip. Since you will be traveling to a foreign place, there’s no telling if you will be able to buy them where you go.

Here are some of the essential accessories solo travelers pack with them on their trips:

Compression Bags

Space is of the essence for solo travelers. Since you won't be getting any help from other people, you'll want to keep your belongings in as small a space as possible.

Make your clothes, towels and other items smaller by as much as 75% when you use a compressible bag. 

RM7 from TeliteTravel

Money belt

When you are out by yourself, you need to keep a closer eye on valuables like your money, ID, and passport. 

Keep them discreet by using this slim money belt. No one will even know you have it on you unless you tell them!

RM17 from TeliteTravel

Selfie Stick

Not having anyone around to help you take photos with the places you've been can be a pain.

Sure, you could ask a stranger to take it for you, but what if there's no one around? Or, if you're too shy to ask?

Thankfully, you can rely on this selfie stick to help capture your most unforgettable moments. 

Pack one in your bag and snap away!

Buy on TeliteTravel

Locks for your bag

With no one to help look out for you, keeping your belongings safe becomes a top priority when traveling by yourself.

This is why it's always a good idea to keep a few locks on standby.

Get this reliable 4-dial lock and keep those prying hands away from your stuff!

RM18 from TeliteTravel


Solo traveling can often mean that the people who can help you most - your family and friends - are only accessible to you by phone. Checking in with them from time to time helps them to keep track of you and provide you help when you need any.

That's why it's important for you to keep your phone fueled all day long. Be sure to bring along a power bank on your trip so your phone never dies on you.

This Xiaomi 10,000mAh is just the right size for your bag and is enough for 2 full charges!

RM68 from TeliteTravel

Travel First-aid Kit

Getting hurt when you are traveling by yourself can feel extra lonely and painful. Worse, you may not have anyone around you to give you immediate help.

The best thing to do in this situation is to apply first aid to yourself.

So, make sure to pack along a travel-sized first aid kit with most of the things you need to give yourself first aid when you need it.

RM13.80 from Lazada


Solo traveling can be fun, but there's no doubt that not everyone you meet will have good intentions for you. 

Keep a whistle on you at all times so you can bring attention to yourself when the situation requires it.

RM8.40 from Lazada

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Business Travelers: Best Travel Accessories to Keep You Fresh

If your work requires you to travel often, you’ll know the value of staying safe and comfortable while making your way to talk to your clients, partners or teammates.

Even when back-to-back or long-haul flights can feel exhausting, you will still need to show up looking and feeling your best when you show up at the meeting.

That’s why it’s essential to make sure that you pack accessories that will help you look fresh and clean while keeping your mood relaxed.

Have a check and see if you’ve got these packed in your bags already:

Multipurpose U-Shaped Neck Pillow

Business trips mean being on the plane for long hours at a time. Sure, the airline may have comfort kits ready for you, but not all of them will have a well-designed one to help you rest well during the journey.

This is why it's worth packing this U-Shaped neck pillow with you on your business trip.

Unlike normal neck pillows, this pillow is designed to fit your neck well no matter what position you take!

Best of all, it can be adjusted to become a body pillow, back support or even footrest!

Get it at RM36 from TeliteTravel

Eye Mask

Having a good rest on the plane or in your hotel room is important to keep you feeling fresh and energized.

This soft, cushy eye mask makes a great companion to your neck pillow. With all the lights blocked out, you can calmly drift into sleep without interruption.

RM15 from TeliteTravel

AC USB Universal Adapter

Traveling for business can often mean landing in a foreign country with a different business culture, food, and even power outlets.

You never want to enter a hotel room only to discover that your all your power plugs from home don't match the ones in your room and have to go outside and buy new ones.

Avoid the problem altogether by bringing along this universal adapter that fits into all standard power outlets.

With four USB ports, you can charge more than one device at once!


RM45 from TeliteTravel


Going on a business trip means being available on the phone for your clients, teammates of partners when they need you to be.

Missing calls and text messages at crucial times can make or break your career or business.

So make sure to have this Xiaomi 10,000mAh power bank with you so you can respond to calls and messages without fail!

RM68 from TeliteTravel

Soft Sole Foldable Slipper

Even on business trips, there's nothing quite like going back to your hotel room and taking a full night's rest before beginning another hectic day again the next day.

So bring these comfy slippers with you on your business trips and treat yourself to a relaxing night after work by putting them on.

They're so soft and cushy, you'll feel like you're walking on clouds!

RM25 from TeliteTravel

Flint removers

Looking your best can make you feel extra confident. Don't let even a hair on your dress shirt or blazer ruin your look.

Remove every single strand of hair or speck of dusk with this flint remover.

Small enough to be portable, you can even put it in your bag and do a last minute roll before an important meeting!

RM9.00 from Lazada 

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Traveling with Infants and Toddlers: Best Travel Accessories

Going to places nearby your home can already require a lot of preparation when you are bringing infants and toddlers with you. It’s no surprise then that when you bring the kids on vacation, the amount of preparation you need goes up a notch.

Though it’s impossible to be perfectly prepared when it comes to infants and toddlers, it’s worth going the extra mile by preparing some of the essential travel accessories that will help ensure that the basic safety and comfort of the kids are well-taken care of.

Once the needs of the kids are taken care of, your trip can feel smoother and you can relax and enjoy yourself more.

Here are some accessories parents and guardians who travel with kids often bring with them:

U-shaped Neck Pillow

It can be challenging to keep yourself comfortable when traveling with kids. This is especially true in confined spaces like airplane seats. 

To keep yourself and your kids comfortable throughout your plane journey, make sure to bring a few of these multipurpose neck pillows with you!

Get it at RM36 from TeliteTravel

7-Piece Packing Set

Bringing kids and infants along with you means packing for your own needs as well as theirs. Without a proper system to organize all the items, your luggage bag can become messy real quick and you may not be able to find things you need quickly.

Use this 7-piece packing set to help you stay organized. With 7 bags, you'll have more than enough compartments to neatly place the right items in the right places.

This way you'll be able to pack, retrieve, unpack and repack in just half the time!

RM39 from TeliteTravel

Anti Bed Bug Travel Sheet

Having your kids fall sick on a trip can be a nightmare. But you may never know what bugs and bacteria you expose yourself and your kids to when you sleep on hotel room beds.

To prevent getting infected, put a layer of protection between yourself, your kids and the hotel room bed by placing an anti bed bug travel sheet on top of your bed before lying down. 

This way, you can sleep soundly knowing that you are not endangering your kids to any kind of bed bugs.

RM78 from TeliteTravel

Thermal Bag

Traveling with young children means attending to their needs at all times. As the primary carer of your kids, it's likely you'll need to have their food along with you at all times, just in case.

Rather than keep them in normal bags, use this clean, anti-bacterial thermal bag to keep your food warm.

RM27 from TeliteTravel

Baby carrier

Going on a vacation or any kind of trip can mean walking for long periods of time. If you have an infant and aren't used to carry the baby around for hours at a time, you'll need this sturdy baby carrier to help you along.

With this baby carrier, you'll be able to go for hours and days without feeling tired.

RM56.10 from Lazada

A Travel Crib

Being a parent is a full-time job and it doesn't stop even on vacations. Your baby still needs you to feed them, change their diaper or give them a place to sleep.

With a travel crib, you have a convenient place to change your baby's diapers, or simply let your baby have a comfortable place to sleep.

When you don't need it, you can fold the travel crib into a portable bag and carry it around with you easily.

RM62.70 from Lazada

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Light Traveler - Best Travel Accessories

Traveling light has become trendy these days, with more and more people wanting to immerse themselves in the travel experience in without lugging around heavy bags.

The best thing about traveling light is that you might not even need to check in your luggage - a good thing if you’re traveling on a carrier that charges extra for luggage bags.

If you love to travel light, you will want to make sure you pack in all the necessary travel accessories without adding too much weight to your bags. These will include accessories that have more than one function.

For light travelers, your priority is to save space, bring only the essentials which are preferably light-weight. Here are some essential lightweight accessories you should bring with you when you travel:

Foldable Silicone Bottle

Traveling light means getting rid of unneeded things which take up space. Instead of using a normal bottle, get this collapsible silicone bottle where you can flatten down when it is empty.

RM44 from TeliteTravel

Compression Bags

Light travel means bringing as small as luggage as possible.

Keep your luggage bags small by compressing your clothes down to as much as 25% of their original volume by using compression bags.

RM7 from TeliteTravel

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