February 22, 2019

Unless you travel around with a personal assistant, keeping your travel luggage and backpacks as small as compact as possible without compromising function is probably one of your top priorities when taking a trip.

This is especially true if you see yourself using the public transport system or walking a lot during the travel journey. The last thing you want to do is add weight to your journey by lugging around big luggage or bag.

Thankfully though, there are travel accessories that are designed especially to help you save space while still enjoying their functions. The most important feature of these space-saving travel accessories is that they can usually be folded down to a fraction of their full size and take up only a small portion of your bag space.

To help you get started, here's our recommendation of seven stylish, functional and most importantly, space-saving travel accessories we think you should bring along your next trip if you are planning to travel light.

Let's go! 

#1. Foldable, Refillable Silicone Water Bottle

#2. Flexible U-Shaped Neck Pillow

#3. Foldable Soft Comfy Slippers

#4. Foldable Pocket Travel Blanket

#5. Foldable Duffel Cabin Bag

#6. Collapsible Silicone Travel Cup and Bowl

#7. Hanging Toiletry Travel Bag

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#1. Foldable, Refillable Silicone Water Bottle

Whether you're going on a long or short trip, staying hydrated can be an important part of any journey. However, it can be troublesome to lug around a bottle, especially when you've drunk everything inside it.

Some may even find it more convenient to buy a bottle of water so they can dispose of the empty bottle instead of carrying it with them.

If you are someone who makes it a point to keep yourself hydrated but doesn't want to fall into the convenient but environmentally unfriendly habit of buying bottled water, a foldable silicone water bottle may be the perfect solution for you.

These are bottles that are a standard size bottle when expanded and can be collapsed to fit into your pocket when empty: 

Telite's Collapsible Silicone Water bottle

At Telite, we've designed our bottles to not only be collapsible but also BPA-free, making them a safe choice even for young children. The bottle caps also feature a leak-proof design so you can safely keep them in your bag knowing that you won't end up with a drenched bag halfway during your travels.

Telite's collapsible silicone bottle can be flattened down and rolled to fit in your pocket. When expanded, the bottle goes up to 24cm and 19.2cm for the Large and Small sized bottles respectively.

With this collapsible bottle, you can be rest assured hydration is within your reach when you need it without compromising space.

Discover Telite's Foldable Silicone Bottle

#2. Flexible U-Shaped Neck Pillow

Staying comfortable is one of the most important parts of any travel journey. The sad part is that comfy pillows can take up a lot of space and no traveler wants to drag around an extra bag just for pillows!

This is where Telite's Flexible U-Shaped Neck Pillow comes in. What differentiates our pillow from most neck pillows in the market is its NIFCO SR-15 professional card buckle:

Telite's Flexible U Shaped Neck Pillow Buckle

When buckled, it forms a comfortable U-shaped neck pillow that provides comfortable, in-flight neck support. When unbuckled, it can be straightened out to be arm support or leg rest. If you have little children, it can also be used as a toddler bolster.

With Telite's flexible U-shaped neck pillow, you don't have to bring a few pillows. You can bring just one and use it in a few different ways. 

Telite's Flexible U Shaped Neck Pillow

On top of that, our pillows are filled with 0.5mm microbeads and a jersey cotton cover for an extra level comfort. This is the perfect companion for long flights!

Discover Telite's U Shaped Neck Pillow

Pro tip: If you're looking for an even more space-saving neck pillow solution, why not check out our Roll N Go U Shaped Neck Pillow?

It is fully inflatable by blowing air into the pillow. When deflated, the pillow fits nicely in your pocket:

Telite's Foldable Roll N Go U Shaped Neck Pillow

Discover Telite's Roll N Go U Shaped Neck Pillow

#3. Foldable Soft Comfy Slippers

Keeping your feet comfortable can add a feeling of luxury and home comfort to your travels. Unfortunately, most slippers will require you to bring an extra bag on top of your essentials.

Thankfully, at Telite, we've crafted the perfect slippers which are not only soft and comfy, they can also be folded and tucked away in your bag. Best of all, it comes with its own bag so you can pack it with your clothes without the fear of dirtying them.

Telite's Soft, Foldable Slippers

When folded, these are small enough to fit into your backpack so you can even take them out and wear them during long flights when you take a nap.

Discover Telite's Soft Sole Foldable Slippers

#4. Foldable Pocket Travel Blanket

If you're the kind of traveler who gets cold on airplanes, you'll likely be one of the people who don on a jacket as soon as you settle in your plane seat. While jackets are great to keep your upper body warm, they often leave your legs exposed.

A more ideal way to keep warm is to use a blanket which stretches out from your body to your legs. The only problem is that conventional blankets can also be too large to bring along your journey.

If your seat comes with a free comfort kit, this isn't something you need to worry about. But if it doesn't, you'll likely need to shell out money for each flight and these costs can add up easily.

The solution for this is a blanket that's thin enough to be foldable into a compact size portable enough for you to carry with you but still thick and large enough to keep you comfortable and warm.

With this in mind, we at Telite have created our most compact and comfortable travel blanket ever for travelers just like you. At 150cm by 180cm, it's just big enough to cover one person. When you don't need it, you can fold it up to fit the palm of your hand. Neat, right?

Telite's Foldable Travel Blanket

Telite's Foldable Travel Blanket is Pocket-sized

You'll find this blanket one of your best companions on a long, cold flight. It's even great for use whenever carrying a conventional blanket can prove too bulky (e.g. hiking, tenting). Make sure you bring one for each of your travel companions!

Discover Telite's Pocket-Sized Portable Blanket

#5. Foldable Duffel Cabin Bag

One of the most common surprises people get when traveling is how much their luggage size expands as they go along the trip. You get carried away with the new and interesting things you encounter during the trip and want to bring a few back home as souvenirs.

We get it.

Now, one way to get around this is by bringing more than 1 luggage bag. But these can be pretty bulky to carry around, especially if you are not sure if you're not sure if you'll actually use the bag.

The best way to increase your luggage capacity without bringing 2 bulky luggage bags is by packing a foldable duffel bag with you.

Telite's foldable duffel bag expands to a standard gym-sized bag when unfolded, giving you a generous amount of space to pack your new stuff in. When folded, it becomes a flat 20cm by 17cm sized pouch that fits on the sides of your backpacks or luggage bag.

Our duffel bag even comes with a well-made handle which makes carrying even heavy items in this duffel bag feel a lot lighter.

Telite's Foldable Duffel Bag

This 35-liter bag also fits nicely in the cabin if you don't want to send it to the storage compartment of your plane.

Discover Telite's Foldable Duffel Bag

#6. Collapsible Silicone Travel Cup and Bowl

If your trip involves staying out in the outdoors for a few days or weeks, you'd likely need to pack cups and bowls for meal times. Usually, this means bringing along bulky plastic containers that take up a lot of space in your bag.

If this doesn't sound ideal to you, you'll be happy to know that instead of bulky containers, you can save space using Telite's collapsible travel cup and bowl. Our cup and bowl are not only BPA free and made of food-grade silicone, but they also flatten down to a mere 2.5cm tall flat surface when you are not using them. 

When expanded, they are the perfect size to fit a quick drink, meal or snack for one person. The collapsible cup and bowls are also an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable plastics.

Telite Collapsible Cup

Telite Collapsible Bowl

Telite Collapsible Cup

If you have an upcoming outdoors trip planned, don't leave home without bringing Telite's Collapsible Cup and Bowl with you!

Discover Telite's Collapsible Cup and Bowl

#7. Foldable Hanging Toiletry Travel Bag

Regardless of the type of trip, you are taking and where you are headed, you'll likely need to bring along toiletries to keep your hygiene in check. Rather than have your toiletries scattered in your bag randomly, you can organise them neatly in a foldable hanging toiletry bag.

When you need access to your toiletries, simply expand your toiletry bag and hook it on your nearest wall. This will keep your toiletries neat and dry away from water sources.

Telite's Hanging Weekender Toiletry Bag

Telite's Hanging Weekender Toiletry Bag is must-have travel accessory to help you keep your hygiene in check.

Discover Telite's Hanging Toiletry Bag


Saving as much space as possible in their luggage bag is every traveler's dream. With these seven space saving travel accessories, you'll have the same conveniences and comfort at a fraction of the space required.

Whether you just want to keep yourself hydrated on your trip without bringing a bulky bottle along or keep warm on a long plane ride without having to drag along another bag just for it, we've got you covered.

If you're looking for more travel accessories in Malaysia you can buy, discover Telite's collection of unique, functional and affordable travel accessories:

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