March 15, 2019

No travel plan is complete without a safety and security plan. In fact, for travelers going outside of their comfort zones to new countries, safety takes the first priority of the trip.

Otherwise, you'll become the victim of even the smallest thefts and unexpectedly find important items missing or damaged. Most of us have experienced this ourselves or have seen someone close to us go through it.

The safety and security breaches can happen at any stage of your travel journey. In the worst cases, you might even be forced to cut your trip short because of it. In best cases, you might arrive home only to discover that you can't find a souvenir you painstakingly picked out as a gift for a loved one.

As travelers ourselves, we know how important keeping yourself and your valuables safe. This is why we've compiled a list of some useful travel accessories that may come in handy in protecting your valued possessions.

If you've always wanted to add a layer of safety and security to your travels but don't have an idea of what exactly to bring, not to fret: we have you covered!

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In This Guide

Hidden Money Pouch

4-Dial TSA-Approved Travel Padlock

Strap + 4-Dial TSA-Approved Travel Padlock

Anti-theft Stylish Lanyard

Waterproof Smartphone Dry Bag

Waterproof Passport Holder

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#1. Hide Your Money Where Nobody Can See them with a Hidden Travel Money Belt

Hiding your money, passport, and IC where no one can see it is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to securing your important possessions.

Nothing comes more in handy in helping you with this than a slim, body-hugging money belt. It's designed to be so slim and unnoticeable that you can slip this under your clothes and unless you tell them, the person sitting next to you won't be able to tell.

While most money belts are slim, Telite's money belt is also designed with breathable materials so you won't sweat around the money belt and a sturdy buckle to keep your belt on you no matter what activity you are doing.  

Check out Telite's Money Belt

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#2. Ensure No Trespassers Get into Your Bags with This 4-Dial Combination Padlock

Other than hidden money belts, keeping a padlock on your doors and bags is another classic security measure no matter where you go.

These days though, thieves have gotten good at picking padlocks so that it's no longer safe just to use a classic key lock. Most of the time, having a single key lock padlock on your is almost like having nothing at all on them.

Here at Telite, our padlocks provide you an added layer of security with not just 3 but 4-combination locks. With over 1,000 possible combinations, your potential lock pick would likely give up before stealing anything from you!

These TSA-approved locks are not only hard to break, but they are also portable so you can easily throw in a couple in your bags just in case!

Check out Telite's TSA Combination Padlock

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#3. Add An Extra Protection with Combination Lock Luggage Strap

If you're the kind of traveler who wants even more security on top of a simple padlock, you can opt for a strap lock instead.

Our luggage strap extends up to 4m and can wrap around a standard sized luggage bag:

The lock on this is a 3-dial combination one and is also TSA-approved.

Having this strap across your luggage will deter most meddling hands from trying to pry it open to discover the 'treasures' inside.

When not used, the strap and lock can be folded neatly into a small hand-held size that can fit nicely into any backpack and handbag.

Check out Telite's Combination Lock Luggage Strap

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#4. String Your Belongings Securely to You with This Anti-theft Stylish Lanyard

Sometimes you can become a victim of theft when you are distracted. Professional thieves can stealthily slip in and out of your pocket or bag, extract your wallet, or phone without you noticing it.

So what are you to do if you are the type who gets easily distracted?

Instead of letting your belongings hang around loosely in your bag, use Telite's anti-theft lanyard to leash it to you in a secure and hard to tug away manner.


You can use this landyard on anything from your wallet, smartphones or even keycards.

Check out Telite's Stylish Lanyard

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#5. Keep Your Smartphones Dry with This Drybag Pouch

If your next trip is bringing you to adventures where you'll likely get wet, you'll likely be put in a situation where you have to decide where to your electronics so they don't get water damage.

Leaving them in secure lockers may not always be an option, so you'll want to have a plan B when that happens.

What we recommend is bringing along a smartphone dry bag for the time when you can't leave your phone anywhere else.

Telite's smartphone dry bag is 100% waterproof for as deep as 30m underwater. The best thing about this dry bag is that it isn't just a dry bag to keep your phone, you can still use your phone to send messages and take photos as normal.

Check out Telite's Smartphone Drybag Pouch

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#6. Keep Your Most Important Document Safe in This Waterproof Passport Holder

Outside of Malaysia, your passport is one of the most important documents. It's worth taking extra precaution to keep it from being damaged, especially by water.

With Telite's waterproof passport holder though, you can be sure your passport is kept dry even if it's pouring outside.

What's even better is that this isn't just a passport holder, there are also more than 10 slots to store your cards, and even a slot to keep your phone in.

This multipurpose waterproof passport and document holder is a must-bring for any trip you have planned!

Check out Telite's Waterproof Passport Holder

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Traveling can be a fun experience, but no one wants to be left high and dry with their possessions stolen or damaged. This is why it is important to bring along travel accessories that are designed to help you protect what matters most so you can enjoy peace of mind while exploring new sights.

Thankfully, there are easy solutions like a hidden money belt, 4-dial combination locks, luggage straps and waterproof bags to alleviate the anxiety of losing your money, phone or passport.

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