March 29, 2019

Even for the well-seasoned traveler, staying organized while traveling can get difficult. Being away from home can mean losing access to your everyday comforts, make you feel out of place and leave you less organized than usual.

For people who always want to stay in control of their belongings by keeping them organized, it can get frustrating to not be able to find what you want, when you want it.

Fortunately, with the right travel accessories, you won't need to go through these inconveniences. Instead, let these travel accessories help you stay organized and make your travels as least stressful as it can be.

Here are our top recommendations for travel accessories to help you stay organized:

7-Pc Packing Cubes

Cocoon Grid Organizer

All-in-1 Travel Wallet

Refillable Squeezable Travel Bottles

Hanging Toiletry Bag

Makeup Bag Organizer

Compartmentalize your belongings with this 7-Pc Packing Cubes

Most of the time, traveling means packing your life into a suitcase. You have to bring just enough clothes, toiletries, shoes, chargers, gadgets and everything else to keep yourself fresh, comfortable and functional.

If you threw all these things into your luggage bag without a system to organize them, you'll easily find yourself messing up the entire bag just to get something out of it.

The better, more organized alternative is to use packing cubes. Packing cubes come in different sizes so you can separately pack your belongings into their own cubes rather than mixing them up.

You can pack your shoes, laundry, digital items, clothes and so on into their own cube. At Telite, we've designed a 7-pc Packing Cubes set to help you keep everything in your luggage bag organized:

Other than organizing your things better, these packing cubes also help save space. They can also fit perfectly into your luggage bag:

If you're not organizing your travel belongings with packing cubes yet, be sure to check out Telite's 7-pc Packing Cubes!

* * *

Keep Your Cables in One Place with the Cocoon Grid Organizer

Nowadays, owning more than one gadget has become common among the tech-savvy group of travelers. On top of having a smartphone, you'll likely also have a laptop, an MP3, a game console, among other gadgets.

These gadgets are what you rely on to keep yourself functional and entertained on the road. For you to use them, though, you'll need to bring a bunch of charging blocks and cables to keep them powered.

If you're not careful, you might just lose them and have to deal with the inconvenience of replacing them. Rather than just putting all your cables and charging blocks loosely in your luggage bag, we recommend using a Cocoon Grid Organizer.

Telite's Cacoon Grid organizer comes with tight slots where you can slip your cables and charging blocks in. You can easily fit in the cables and charging blocks for 3 - 5 gadgets on one Cacoon Grid:

On top of cables and charging blocks, you can also keep small items such as pens, pencils, staplers and so on this Grid.

If you are someone who travels with a lot of tech gadgets with you, Telite's Cocoon Grid is a must-have!

* * *

Never Lose Anything with the All-in-one Travel Wallet

When traveling, it is best to keep all your important travel documents in one place, rather than a few places. This way, you don't have to scramble to retrieve all the documents you need at the airport or hotel.

For this, we recommend bringing along a multi-slot travel wallet instead of your normal wallet when traveling. Telite's Travel Wallet comes with slots in different sizes so you can put your wallet, money, cards, IDs, passport and travel documents all in one wallet:

With this wallet, you'll always know where your most valuable items are. Remember to bring along Telite's Jetsetter Travel Wallet before you travel next!

* * *

Bring Your Favorite Shampoo and Conditioner with Refillable Squeezable Travel Bottles

While some people may be comfortable using the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash from hotels or hostels, you might prefer bringing your own.

Instead of lugging around your full-sized hair shampoos, hair conditioners, and body wash though, you can put a portion in small travel bottles.

Telite's Travel Bottles are refillable and squeezable, making them convenient to use no matter what type of liquid you have inside of them. Best of all, they come in their own bag, making it easy for you to keep them organized:

Stay clean, organized and save space with Telite's Squeezable Travel Bottles!

* * *

Organize Your Toiletries using a Hanging Toiletry Bag

Toiletries are an important part of any travel journey. If you're the kind of person who takes your personal care seriously, you might find yourself wanting to bring over 20 - 30 items with you.

With so many items, it's impossible for you to keep them loosely in your bag. Instead, you can organize them neatly into a toiletry bag which comes with compartments for different types of items.

Telite's Toiletry Bag comes with a hook so you can hang it on a wall when you're getting ready. When it's not in use, you can fold the bag down into a normal sized bag and pack it.

Even if you don't bring 20 or 30 personal care items with you for every trip, bringing a hanging toiletry bag can still be one of the most useful in your travel accessories arsenal. So be sure to check out Telite's one!

* * *

For the Ladies: Makeup Bag Organizer

Keeping up with a makeup routine can be tough on the road. With limited space, you can only bring the absolute essentials with you instead of your entire collection.

As such, you can't afford to lose even a single makeup item, or you might risk having an incomplete look.

To help you organize all your makeup in one place, we recommend using a makeup organizer. Telite's Makeup Organizer comes with two main compartments, so you can keep your sponges in one compartment and the rest of your makeup in another.

Having them in one place, you'll always know where your makeup is, never risk losing any of them and be able to keep your look perfect on every day of your trip!

While this bag may not be big enough to fit every item from your makeup desk, it's just the right size to organize your essentials while staying small enough to be portable.

Give Telite's Makeup Bag Organizer a try. Who knows? It might just become your next favorite item in your travels!

* * *


Staying organized can be challenging on the road. Being totally out of your comfort zone, it's easy to become messy or forget where you placed something.

Thankfully though, there are travel accessories that can help you can stay organized while having fun on your trip. 

Ultimately, staying organized is about keeping all your items where you can find them, and in a way that is easy to retrieve.

Let us know: which is your favorite travel accessory to stay organized?

Also, don't forget to explore Telite's entire collection of travel accessories! If you buy above RM120, you'll get free shipping!

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