December 28, 2018

The last few weeks before your vacation or trip can feel daunting. As you get closer to your trip, you often feel like there are a million things still left unchecked on your to-do list.

Worse, what if you are forgetting something?

The last thing you want to happen is to be on a trip outside Malaysia and then realize you forgot to pay a bill, or you're on your way sightseeing at a famous spot only to realize you don't have the right thing to wear.

Thankfully for you, we've prepared a complete A to Z travel checklist to help you prepare for everything you can possibly think of!

So if your travel period is closing in, be sure to bookmark this page and run through all the checks before your trip - your future self just might thank you for it!

In This Guide

Step 1: Get to Know the Do's and Don'ts of Where You're Headed

Step 2: Prepare Your Luggage

Step 3: Prepare Your Toiletries

Step 4: Prepare Your Health Supplies

Step 5: Prepare Your Carry-On Travel Accessories

Step 6: Prepare Your Home and Bills

Step 7: Final Checks Before You Fly

Business Travel Extras

Step 1: Get to Know the Do's and Don'ts of Where You're Headed

Going on a trip usually means going to a new place with a different way of living than we are used to back home.

While trips within Malaysia won't feel that much different, trips outside Malaysia may require more preparation.

This is especially true if the weather is vastly different from the tropical weather here in Malaysia, or if they are used to an entirely different lifestyle than Malaysia.

You can remove most of the inconveniences of entering a new country for the first time by preparing ahead of time.

Here are some things we recommend checking before going:

Import restrictions. While Malaysia's immigration laws are mostly relaxed when it comes to importing food, countries like Australia have very strict laws when it comes to bringing into food into the country.

Be sure to check all the import regulations of the country you are going into to prevent your items from being confiscated.

Language. While we take for granted that English will be spoken everywhere, in reality, English isn't widely spoken in countries like France, Korea, and Japan. You'll need to prepare language translation apps ahead of time to prevent being lost on landing. 

Weather. While most people check to see how cold or hot a country will generally be, they fail to check the exact weather conditions on the week or month they will be in the country. So when they show up in the country, they either appear overprepared (too thick jackets) or underprepared (too thin jackets).

We recommend pulling up a weather app and checking to see exactly the weather is like so you can pack appropriately.

Culture and customs. Culture and customs can be a more nuanced, but one of the most important parts of any travel preparation. What may appear to be perfectly normal in our own culture may be seen as rude in another culture.

The most common example of this is the symbol for 'OK'. While a casual gesture in Malaysia, the OK symbol may give a negative connotation in countries like France and Tunisia.

Get to know what's normal and what's not in a country to prevent yourself from getting into unnecessary conflicts with the locals who reside there.

Visa requirements. Finally, while our Malaysian passport is a powerful one, there are still countries which will require a visa before entry. Check this page to see if the destination you will be arriving in requires a visa or not.

Step 2: Prepare Your Luggage

Apart from knowing about the country you will be headed to, your luggage is the most important part of your pre-trip preparations.

The type of luggage you bring and what you decide to bring inside of it will often make your trip more, or less convenient for you.

Let's take a look at some of the things you need to take note of for your luggage:

Luggage size as required by your airline carrier. These days, more and more airline carriers are separating their luggage charge and their flight charge. This makes it easy for budget travelers to save money by bringing just a carry-on.

If you're one of the carry-on luggage only travelers, be sure to check the restrictions applied by your airline carrier and follow them strictly. Failing to do so may mean being charge a hefty luggage fee on boarding!

Packing cubes. Comparmentalizing your items with packing cubes can make them much more organised and easier to retrive from later. 

Compression bags. Compression bags can help you to save volume in your luggage and pack more in one luggage bag.

Dirty bag. Pack a dirty bag with you to separate your dirty clothes from your clean ones. 

Secure luggage lock. Don't risk having your luggage pried open by luggage handlers or anyone at the airport. Make sure to secure your luggages with a lock.

Step 3: Prepare Your Toiletries

Keeping yourself clean and refreshed during your trip will be an important part of any trip. 

Be sure to have these packed for hygiene and cleanliness:

Shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush. Pack these basics from home so you don’t want to waste money re-buying them in the destination.

Hanging toiletries bag. A hanging toiletries bag can help you keep all your toiletries in an organized place while keeping them dry by hanging them away from the wet basin area.

Towel. If you're the type who doesn't like hotel towels, or if you're going to be backpacking, you'll need to bring your own towel.

Step 4: Prepare Your Health Supplies

While not everyone has a list of medications they need to take along with them everywhere they go, if you happen to have to, be sure to prepare your meds as well as take note of some other things that you can use in case of emergencies:

Bring enough Medication. Pack as much medication as you need for the entire trip, especially if the medication you require is regulated or difficult to source.

Check immigration regulations on medications. Every country has restriction with regards to how much medication you can bring into their country at any given time. Be sure to check ahead if you are bringing bottles of medication to prevent them from being confiscated.

Know where the closest clinics to your accommodation are. As an act of good measure, use Google maps to check around your accommodation to see where the closest clinics, pharmacies or hospitals are and what their opening hours are like. So when you get into an emergency, you'll know exactly where to head to. 

Travel first aid kit. Finally, pack a mini first aid kit for the cuts and bruises that you may encounter along the way.

Step 5: Prepare Your Carry-On Travel Accessories (+ Pre-Flight Travel Accessories)

Your carry-on and your pre-flight travel accessories will be the most important thing with you before your flight. You'll be carrying your essentials with you in the bag and conveniently reaching out to them whenever necessary.

As such, here are some essential travel accessories to have with you before you board the flight:

Powerbank. These days, it's unlikely for anyone to go around without a single electronic device with them. These devices keep you entertained and connected with your family and friends. Keep a power bank with you at all times so your devices always stay on.

Charging cables. You'll also need your charging cables with you so you can either plug your devices into a power bank for recharge or plug them into a nearby charging station.

U-neck pillow. For flight comfort, bring a U-neck pillow with you so you have a soft place to sleep or rest on while you wait for your flight to reach your destination.  

Step 6: Prepare Your Home and Bills

Finally, you'll only have peace of mind when traveling when knowing that everything back home is taken care of. You never want to be thousands of miles away and receive an emergency phone call about something back home!

So make sure to have these in order before you go on your trip:

Pets and plants. If you happen to be a pet owner or have a small garden of plants in your home, make arrangements to have someone come by your home to take care of them throughout the day.

This way, when you come back from your trip, you can be sure to see your beloved pet and plants right where you expect them to be.

Check your locks, CCTV and alarm health. Making sure your home is safe while you travel is crucial. You don't want to come back only to see that your home has been ransacked.

So be sure to check that your locks, CCTV, and alarms are in working order before heading off to your trip.

For extra measure, you could even assign your CCTV and alarm information to a trusted family or friend so they can be alerted if there are any suspicious activities at your house while you are away.

Pay your bills. Especially for bills that can only be paid locally, pay in advance if your trip happens to include a payment date. If this can't be done, try to get help from a family or friend who can help. Otherwise, you'll have to pay additional late payment fees when you come back!

Step 7: Final Checks Before You Fly

You're almost done!

But before you take off, here are a few more things we recommend checking to ensure that there are no unnecessary obstacles to your journey:

Travel restriction check.Be sure to check your travel status to ensure there are no standing travel bans to your name. You don't want to arrive at the airport only to be denied aboard the plane!

Malaysians can use this link to check if there are any restrictions for them to travel.

Passport and IC. Your passport and IC are your most important self-identification documents. Double check to be sure you have these in your carry-on or purse.

Itineraries. If you've planned your trip itinerary already, be sure to have them saved on your phone or printed out, especially your hotel information!

Boarding passes. If you are using web check-in, be sure to print these out. Some airlines charge a fee for helping you print them!

Simcard. If you don't plan on using your telco's roaming services, buy a SIM card from websites like which provides great plans for most countries Malaysians frequent.

The best thing is they can ship you the SIM card before your trip so you can get your travel SIM card set up before you even step into the country!

Travel insurance. Check to ensure you've bought your travel insurance, or if your credit card provides one. This way, you're covered if anything happens while you travel!

Check-in time. Especially if you are bringing luggage, be sure to check with your airline to ensure you arrive at the airport ahead of time to check in your bags, or you might be denied entry.

Mini luggage scale. Having a mini luggage scale with you can be a quick and convenient way to do a final check on your luggage weight before you fly.

Universal adapter.Prepare yourself for any kind of power plug while traveling by packing a universal adapter with you.

Hidden money pouch.Keep your valuables close to you by putting them inside a slim and discreet hidden money pouch.

Business Travel Extras

If the upcoming trip is a business trip, here are some more checks to help you get prepared:

Namecards. Although a lot of people have gone digital these days, you might just meet with people who prefer exchanging physical name cards instead. So have a stack on standby just in case!

Internet speed at your hotel. Being on business trips can mean having to frequently connect back with your team back home. That's why it's important to check to see if your hotel has a good internet connection. Otherwise, you'll need to look for a nearby alternative.

Dry cleaning services at your hotel or nearby.Looking your best on a business trip can help you make an impression on the people you meet. Be sure to keep your clothes clean and crisp with the help of dry cleaning services.

If your hotel doesn't provide dry cleaning services, check to see if there are any you can use nearby.


The last few weeks before your flight can be one of the most stressful. You start to panicking if you've got everything prepared. A million questions run through your head.

Not to worry though, once you run through Telite Travel's complete travel checklist, you'll have everything covered!

So be sure to bookmark this checklist and go through every single point to make sure you are totally prepared for your next trip.


What do you think of this checklist? Comment below if you have more travel tips!

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