Storm Proof Mini Umbrella

Shield Your Vacation from Rain, Sun & Wind!

This is the mini umbrella makes your perfect shield against the sun and rainwhen you’re running around from place to place on vacation!

The umbrella folds to an incredibly compact size and easy to hold with one hand, perfect for travel and for the commuter. Its compact size allows you for easy storing anywhere without worrying about a mess, you can pack it down small enough to be stored in a backpack, handbag or even luggage bag.

With extra performance and durability, the umbrella’s canopy is made of a layer of UV resistant material, which able to block 99% UV ray and protects you well from the strong sunlight, keeping you cool in the sun. This lightweight umbrella is supported by 8 resin-coated fiberglass ribs, comes with strong mental shaft. The construction of these ribs let them flex enough to resist damage yet maintain canopy shape in heavy rains and it will not easily flip inside out in strong winds.