Retractable Portable Travel Hanger

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Travelling doesn’t mean sacrificing crisp, wrinkle-free clothing!

A collapsible hanger is a perfect choice for traveller like you. You can keep your travel closet organized with this hanger. It is made from durable and lightweight plastic; the joints are fixed with tiny stainless steel screws which made it sturdier for holding any clothes.

The folding design hanger has non-slip shoulders to keep your garments secure and it comes with 2 removable clips for the delicate items. You can use it to hang your towel, shirts, blouses, tees, socks and even bras. Unfold the hanger once, you can use it for your baby's clothes; unfold it twice, you can use it for your own clothing.

This perfectly designed hanger has a thin profile that allows you to hang more clothes in less space. It can be folded away compactly into only 13cm in length when not in use, allowing you to easily store it inside the luggage.