Dress Up Your Luggage

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Seal It Before Taking Off!

There are pre-emptive measures you can take to protect your luggage well before whisking off to a faraway destination. Dressing up your luggage, to get a cover for your luggage is one of the smartest ways to protect your bag from damage.

A luggage cover is the commercial version of plastic wrap. It is reusable, made of durable polyester spandex fabric. These elastic protectors fit over suitcases of various sizes and are double secured in place with snap buttons. They are designed to allow for free wheel movement and feature 2 cutouts for easy access to handles.

These luggage covers protect your luggage from dirt, grease from carts and belts, keep zip pulls from being snagged and ripped off. It is surely an extra protective layer to keep your suitcase sealed. The covers’ bright colour design allows easy spotting when it comes time to retrieve your bag from the luggage carousel. They are durable, washable and easy to clean.

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