Eye-Catching Luggage Tag

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Make Finding Bags Easier!

The idea of lost luggage is a nightmare for any traveller, so help protect yours on your next flight by keeping it safe and easily identifiable with this luggage tag!

Luggage tags are essential in case your luggage is lost or misplaced. The information on the tag is the only way they can identify who the bag belongs to, in an effort to return it either to your home or hotel. So don’t forget one! As an added bonus, luggage tags can also make your bag stand out. Make sure to get a colourful, patterned or unique design tag to make your baggage easier to identify.

Even the most secure luggage tags can get torn off in transit. Put a duplicate tag inside your bag in case it gets lost at the airport. For personal security, do not list your home address or home phone number on luggage tags; use an email address and your mobile number instead.