The Feminine Pad Pouch

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Avoid awkward moments when you are in need!

This feminine pouch is designed for implicit and shy beautiful ladies usage. Ladies, you may now bring your sanitary pads elegantly anywhere you go. It is so compactthat you can easily slip in this soft little pouch into your school bag, laptop bag, handbag or pocket. For hygienepurpose, this pouch let you separate your sanitary items from other items in your bag.

This easy caringbag is great to hold up to 5 pads, perfect for keeping tampon, tissue and condom. Sometimes you may not have pockets and it is troublesome to bring handbag into the washroom, so this is a quick way to bring your pads to the washroom without the hassle for carrying too much.

Thesecret pouch is made from soft polyester waterproof fabric, comes with chrome finish button to secure the contents. It is convenient for insertion and withdrawal of your pads whenever or wherever required. Besides sanitary needs, this pouch can alsobe used for storing bills, cards or other small articles.

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