Paper Soap On the Road

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Just Lather Up and Wash Away!

Traveling with hand soap is a great way to stay clean and hygiene anywhere you go. Germs exist everywhere and a proper hand wash can help to prevent the spread. These paper soap sheets are perfect for people who are always on the road.

The paper-thin soap sheet is the alternative to the bar and/or liquid soap. Once the sliced sheet mixed with water, it simply behaves like regular soap. It gives you the just right amount of soap required to wash hands, to avoid wastage of water and soap. It leaves you feeling relaxed and clean after a hand wash.

This paper soap is so portable that you can carry a few for your trip. You can even put it in your carry-on luggage since it is not liquid. The paper sheets are kept incylinder box with a cutting edge, you may conveniently slice the soap paper for the length required.

The soap is TSA compliant and biodegradable, does not contain harmful chemical or side effects. It is good for outdoor activities, makes cooking at a camp or hiking much more pleasant as you can wash your dirty hands anywhere, anytime.