Drift to Sleep Eye Mask

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Your In-Flight Sleeping Aide!

Have you been traveling across time zones and suffering from jet lags? Working a night shift and hoping to get more sleep the next day? Occasional sleepless night? Sleep cycles can be easily thrown off for so many reasons, and therefore it can be challenging to recover your normal sleep rhythm.

This premium eye mask is designed as your sleeping aide. The mask contoured shape fits comfortably to your face without putting pressure on the eyes and around the nose. The elastic band on the mask holds it just at the right place and works well with side sleepers and restless movers. The soft padding on the sides also prevents it from rubbing and makes it easy to forget you have it on.

Its cushy, pillow like texture and blackout capabilities, making this mask a top notch accompaniment for travellerswho tend to get stressed out easily when on the road. It comes with a convenient pouch, keeps it organized and makes an excellent gift.