Smartphone Dry Bag Pouch

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Keep Your Device Dry Underwater!

This sleek unisex dry bag is obviously your great companion when heading to the beach, fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking, snorkeling or other water park activities; protecting your device from getting wet! It is also a stylish way to carry your credit card, ID card, key, cash etc around your neck with its lanyard. 

It is 100% sealed & waterproof, made from high-quality TPU for extreme conditions which succeeded the waterproof test of 30m depth underwater. Its secure design comes with four layers of a waterproof membrane which guarantee waterproof and double closure for seal ability.

This dry pouch allows you to do wonders while underwater (1) Touch ID Fingerprint, unlock the home button with ease. (2) Using ATBC-PVC high transparency technology, clear window on both front and back sides allows you to take incredible underwater photos/videos, surfing the internet or even checking emails underwater. There are 2 sizes available fitting all smartphones up to 6.0" diagonal size; certain smart phones with bigger screen need to remove its protective case before inserting into the dry bag.


  • Keeping your phone look good in the dry bag

Blow up the dry bag until it is fully expanded, then only to insert your device into the bag. This way can prevent TPU cover sticking to your device screen.

Important Notes:

Upon receiving your waterproof pouch, inspect for damage and conduct leakage test by placing a piece of tissue inpouch and sealed. Immerse pouch intowater and let it sit for about 5 minutes then removepouch and inspect for water seeping or tissue has notabsorb any moister. If any leakage found and unfit for usage please contact us for replacement. We are not liable for improper usage and result in damage phone.